phpMyAdmin – Error Incorrect format parameter

The “phpMyAdmin – Error Incorrect format parameter” when trying to import a database can occur for various reasons. In this article, we will discuss what they can be and their solution.

phpMyAdmin – Error: Possible maximum upload SQL size exceeded

In the most common case, if we are not sure if the script works well or not, we must check the size of the SQL file that we want to upload to the server via phpMyAdmin and check that it does not exceed the maximum file load limit. In many cases it is solved by compressing the file and placing the following syntax in the name

Maximum upload size: 50MB

If this is the case and you have access to the php.ini of your server, you should modify it. To do this we must increase the upload capacity and execution time and modify the next lines.

  • If you use a WHM panel, you have to modify it in: WHM->Server configuration -> Tweak Settings
  • If you use Ubuntu server with Apache: /etc/php/{versiónPHP}/apache2
  • If you use Xammp: xampp/php/php.ini
  • If you use Nginx: /etc/php/{versiónPHP}/

Possible corrupt SQL

If this has not worked and still gives the error “phpMyAdmin – Error Incorrect format parameter” or it was not your case, it is possible that your SQL file is corrupt. Rebuild the SQL script if you have the opportunity or revise its syntax, which does not have any strange character in the header that could lead to it not being interpreted correctly.

Manual SQL Import using SSH

If none of the solutions above works for you, you can always try importing via SSH, uploading the file to the server previously and using the following command:

mysql -u{USER} -p {BDNAME} < filename.sql

With this we will achieve a manual import via SSH and we will see if, in fact it is fault of phpmyadmin or of the script.

phpMyAdmin – Error… When everything fails …

If you do not have SSH access, please contact your hosting provider and tell them that you care about the SQL file themselves. If they are a decent average hosting, they will do it for you.

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