Delete 3D Objects from explorer in Windows

In this article, I will discuss how to delete the ‘3D objects’ element from the file explorer in Windows.

Many of us do not use some elements that come by default in Windows, which occupy us with visual space and our particular obsessive-compulsive disorder insists that we remove it from our sight.

Objetos 3d en explorador

So I started to investigate a little on how to eliminate it and if it is a very simple process that I will explain below.

First, we right click on the start menu and then we give it to ‘execute’ (or we do the Windows + R key combination) and write the following:


And once we are there, we will look for the following tree in regedit:


Once we find and click on the registry folder, we will find the following string on the right:


And with this we will be able to delete 3d objects from the shortcut in the file browser.

Note that the item Objects 3d still exists in our folder and what it contained has not been deleted. If we want to go to that folder without having the direct access that we just deleted, we can access it like this:

C:\Users\%nombre-usuario%\3D Objects

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